Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can catch you off guard in terms of how much it can upend your daily life. Tasks you could previously handle with no issue may now be impossible to accomplish because your shoulders are ailing. If you’re a Humble, TX, resident dealing with shoulder pain, we at the Chiropractic Wellness Center can help you out.


Of course, we don’t want to just treat your shoulder injuries. We want to help prevent them in the first place. Read on to find out how a chiropractor can help treat and help you avoid shoulder injuries.

How Overuse Can Lead to Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be symptomatic of various issues including a soft tissue injury, osteoarthritis, and even a pinched nerve. Shoulder impingement and bursitis might also be the primary causes of your discomfort.

Bursitis is a condition that involves fluid-filled sacs in your joints becoming inflamed. When those fluid-filled sacs are inflamed, they can cause a significant amount of joint pain. Similar to shoulder impingement, bursitis is a condition that might develop due to overuse.

Avoid Shoulder Injuries with the Help of Your Chiropractor

Shoulder impingement and bursitis are easy injuries to develop especially if your job or hobby involves plenty of physical activity. Thankfully, our chiropractor can help condition your body in such a way that you are less likely to develop those aforementioned injuries.

If you are already dealing with either shoulder impingement or bursitis, you can head to our chiropractor for treatment. We can then administer chiropractic adjustments to help minimize your symptoms. Our chiropractor will work to help eliminate your shoulder and neck pain.

On top of that, our chiropractor’s expertise might also be helpful in preventing future occurrences of shoulder injuries. We can teach you exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscles that control the upper portion of your arm. By strengthening those muscles, you can help prevent your shoulder blade and rotator cuff from becoming injured. We can also help by showing you proper lifting techniques and helping your work ergonomics.

Chiropractic care is a natural and holistic way of helping to treat shoulder pain and other ailments. See how we may be able to help by giving us a call.

Seek Preventative Care for Your Shoulders

Don’t let shoulder injuries disrupt your daily life. Reach out to us at the Chiropractic Wellness Center and we’ll help you avoid those troublesome injuries. Visit our clinic in Humble, TX, to receive preventative care. Call us at (281) 540-1018 for joint pain relief and neck pain relief.