Student Athletes

How Our Chiropractor Helps Student Athletes

Student-athletes may play hard and practice for long hours. A student-athlete is at risk for injuries while playing sports. Chiropractic Wellness Center in Humble, TX, can help these young individuals improve their game and prevent damage in the future. Read below to learn more about prevention and recovery.


Preventing Injuries

When a student is on the field running and jumping across the court, it's easy for that individual to overstretch a muscle or ligament. From repetitive use, the person may develop tendinitis and inflammation of a tendon.

Our sports chiropractor can help you work a body part to strengthen the muscle and increase flexibility. As a result, you won't be at risk for an injury while on the field. In addition, we can educate you on tips and tricks to help prevent damage.

Treating an Injury

Our practitioner can intervene and facilitate the healing process if you suffer from an athletic injury. This treatment can speed up the process and make you more comfortable as you heal. In addition, our practitioner will educate you on ways to prevent injuries.

Improving Your Game

Besides the services we can offer for an athletic injury, we can also improve your game. First, our sports chiropractor will discuss what sports you play. Then, our practitioner will ask if you have any specific goals to reach. If you don't make any particular plans, we can help you determine feasible exercises. By strengthening specific muscle groups, you can improve your performance drastically.

Quickly Return to the Field

After an injury, it will take you out of the game for some time. A sports injury chiropractor can help you return to the game sooner. We can provide chiropractic treatments and educate you on improving your injury at home. Our holistic treatments are excellent for those who want to avoid medication and surgery.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

Whether you're a student-athlete or the parent of one, we encourage you to contact Chiropractic Wellness Center, serving Humble, TX, and the general vicinity, for an appointment and see how chiropractic care can assist. We'll tailor a plan to the student's needs, with their goals in mind. Book an appointment for a sports injury or another student athlete-related chiropractic issue by calling us at (281) 540-1018 today.